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Termites undoubtedly make one’s life miserable. Sometimes people try to treat termites via sprays, medicines, and DIY methods but still get no better results. Probably it results in both wastes of time and money. If you have witnessed some and think it’s getting out of hand, then count on us ” Golden Touch”. Just as the name suggests, we offer valuable and affordable termite control services in Al Ain.

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Why book termite treatment?

It is unarguably true that termites are troublesome pests. They can cause damage not only to your household, workplace but also to your health. They can be the reason why your child, your pet, or yourself is falling sick so often. It is also possible for them to be the reason behind your property damage.

Furthermore, it is quite difficult to spot or identify these termites until it’s too late. Our top-quality of termite control services in Al Ain can help you eliminate them. 

With years of experience and knowledge, our services have been listed as the most trusted termite control at Al Ain.

What makes us the best termite control company in Al Ain?

There is not one reason why we have been declared as the best termite control company in Al Ain. We use eco-friendly and odorless products keeping the safety of the clients in mind. Our main goal is to make sure that our clients are in a safe atmosphere and their health is never compromised. Moreover, we make sure to use pet-friendly products so that you can have a satisfying experience.

We have a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced team members who can handle situations of any type. The team at our Termite Control Services in Al Ain not only can identify the type of termites but also know which chemicals to use in an appropriate manner. Golden touch has access to the latest resources, advanced tools, and technologies that can offer initial inspection of the premises without causing any damage.

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Why Choose Golden Touch for Termite Control Service in Abu Dhabi?

We are a leading Termite Control at Al Ain has been offering services for decades. Our license and certifications are proof of our verified and honorable journey. Here are some more reasons why you should pick us.

  • We are highly budget-friendly.
  • Great knowledge and expertise of the team members.
  • The right use of govt. approved chemicals and knowledge of the latest technologies.
  • Being the reliable Termite Control Service in Al Ain, Golden touch offers five years warranty to the clients
  • We offer a free inspection to the clients.


Golden touch being the best termite control service provider in Al Ain offers a variety of treatments. These include deep cleaning, sterilization, rodent control, bird control, and more.

No, you do not have to worry about your property getting damaged during the inspection. We use advanced technologies and techniques to inspect your home.

The short answer to this is no. There would not be any hidden charges at all. Our team would inspect your house and then come up with a solution that fits your financial plan.

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