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Is Sanitization really important?

You might clean your house on a daily basis but are you sure that it keeps it germ-free? No matter which detergent or soap you use, it does not guarantee the reduction of germs or decrease the risk of infection. Sanitization becomes really important in this aspect as it kills 99.9 % of germs and keeps your environment safe. Therefore, you can count us as “Golden Touch” who are a trusted service provider of sanitization in Abu Dhabi.

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What process of sanitization do we follow?

At Golden Touch, we offer premium sanitization services in Abu Dhabi to clients for decades. It does not matter if you want to eliminate the presence of germs in your home or office, we are up for every location.

Our sanitization company in Abu Dhabi follows an advanced process where the entire premises is cleaned via fogging. We use ULV fogging machines alongside high touch point sanitization with the help of manual sprays. Our team of experts follows the WHO guidelines and carries out the process by wearing PPE kits, face masks, gloves, etc.

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What safety precautions to follow before and after the sanitization?

Before the sanitization takes place, make sure to keep the food items sealed and covered. In Post fumigation process, we recommend you allow the premises to cool for an hour so that the chemicals can get dried off. Also, proper ventilation is suggested once the service is received.


The cost of hiring sanitizing services varies from one to another. This is influenced by the size of the house, the type of products you want to use, and so on. Moreover, Golden Touch offers services at highly competitive rates with no hidden charges involved.
Yes, we suggest you keep the food items sealed or kept in proper containers before the sanitization process begins.
We offer two types of sanitization methods that include cleaning and sanitizing. In the sanitizing process, we use heat to sanitize the surface through steaming, hot water, and hot air.

Why Golden Touch as your Sanitization Company in Abu Dhabi?

Being a leading provider of sanitization services in Abu Dhabi, Golden Touch is known for its budget-friendly deals. Therefore, here are some more reasons why you should choose us for sanitizing your premises.

  • We use only government and chemically-approved products.
  • Our team members are knowledgeable and experienced and use advanced technologies to sanitize your place.
  • We make sure that no damage is caused to your property during the service.
  • The team members at our sanitizing company in Abu Dhabi conduct the services wearing the safety PPE kits, gloves, and masks themselves.
  • We make sure that the services are offered under your financial plan only.

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