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A germ-free and safe environment with Sanitization Service.

Looking for a germ-free and safe environment? Golden Touch Sanitization Company in Ruwais solves all problems for your sanitization needs. We provide professional sanitization service both for commercial as well residential.

Sometimes regular cleaning and dusting off doesn’t help and especially in this corona virus pandemic time, it has become vital to take the prevention steps to keep all the germs away. We are one of the best and top household names when it comes to sanitizing services in Ruwais. 

Sterilization Service in Al Ain

Explore our services.

  • We provide both commercial and industrial Sanitization services in Ruwais.
  • Our team is ready 24/7 to handle emergency situations and also able to provide same-day service.
  • As compared to others, we at Golden Touch offer services at the lowest and most affordable prices. Remember, we are cheap in money but we never compromise on quality.
  • Our professional technicians and highly skilled experts are trained and qualified to provide you high professional standard sanitization service.
  • All the products used by our team of experts are safe, eco-friendly, and clinically proven.

Our Top Services

Why choose us for sanitization services?

What makes us different from others is our priority- customer satisfaction and safety. Before our team executes the job, a standard safety check and briefing are done. Also, we ensure we don’t miss anything, so our team contacts you well in advance.

We understand the importance of healthy living. Therefore, we aim in providing environmentally safe solutions as we keep quality and safety first. However, not every company provides the best cleaning services, so keeping this in mind we go beyond everyday clean using advanced eco-friendly technologies, products, and services.


All experts are certified and highly trained in the use of new products. Besides, they are also able to handle emergency situations.

The active ingredients in our sanitizer are clinically proven and tested before the process and have been shown to be effective in destroying 99.9% of harmful germs.

The time for sanitization service basically depends on the area of treatment.

Don't let the viruses wreak havoc on your health

Create a healthier surrounding for your loved ones by hiring our team of certified and skilled technicians. We offer the best practice options available in today’s highly competitive market. We value the trust and money invested in us by our customers, so we do our best to offer reliable and quality sanitization, pest control and disinfection service in abu dhabi.

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