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How pests can affect you?

Everyone is aware of the fact that pests are highly dangerous creatures that leave the fecal matter. They could be the reason why you or your pet is falling sick so often. It is quite common to witness them in a household. Having pests around undoubtedly makes life miserable. However, if you have noticed some in your home, then guess it is time to count on us “Golden Touch”. We are a leading pest control in Al Ain that offers top-notch services at affordable rates.

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What are the things that invite pests into your house?

Pests get invited to your household because of many reasons. This starts from improperly closing the door, poorly maintained yards, cracks in the perimeters, large openings like chimneys, and more.

Another major reason why pests spread is cluttering in the household, unsealed food items, and unsealed water tanks.

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Why Golden Touch?

Golden touch is one of the leading and trusted pest control services in Al Ain. With decades of experience and knowledge, we have gained an outstanding reputation in the competitive industry.

We make sure to apply exclusion, restriction, and damage-free techniques in the pest removal services. Furthermore, we use government-approved products only keeping the health of our clients the first priority. You can always contact us for a free inspection and get services at affordable rates.


Some of the common types of pests that you would find in your household include flies, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, bed bugs, bees, etc.
The short answer to this is yes. Pests can definitely destroy your household property. They not only damage the structural integrity of furniture but can also make them exposed to collapse.
The kind of pest infestation which is too difficult to get rid of includes cockroaches. However, Golden touch has experienced team members who know the right techniques to help you eliminate them.
Pest control services: Where quality meets experience

When you think that your house has been occupied with bugs, ants, and flies, that’s when you should count on a reliable Pest control company in ruwais and Al Ain like Golden Touch. Having these creatures around is a huge pain and in most cases, they can be dangerous to your health. It is wise to take care of these pests before it gets too late.

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