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Best Sofa Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

Most of us have sofas in our houses but have you ever thought of cleaning them? Or should I ask, have you ever heard about sofa cleaning services?  I know this sounds different because most of us change the sofas once they become dirty or worn out but the option to get your sofa cleaned is available to you too.  Our company, i.e., Golden Touch, provides sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi at a very convenient cost and saves expenses that you might have shed for buying a new one

Sofa Cleaning Services

Why should we clean our Sofas?

Just like any other objects in our house, sofas trap dust too, and often while drinking tea, coffee, or any beverages, we spill them over the sofa by mistake. This leaves dark stains or spots on the sofa which cannot be easily removed. Also, if anyone suffering from any undetected disease visits our house and sits on the sofa, it traps germs on it.

And the next time any of our family members use it, he/she can get infected from it too. There are several disadvantages of not cleaning your sofa regularly which may result in financial as well as health loss. Golden touch ensures sofa and deep cleaning and even delivers it to your address once it is done.

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Why Golden Touch is best company for sofa cleaning ?

We have a team of workers who are very efficient and are absolute professionals in their field of work. They ensure proper servicing of customer’s goods is done.

The team works tirelessly and provides for the reputation of the company. We have been given the honor by several certified agencies as the best Sofa cleaners in Abu Dhabi. Our workers treat customers’ goods as if they were their own, which makes our services unique and excellent. Also, our services are a lot cheaper than our competitors which makes it easily affordable for everyone.


One should clean their sofa every 6 to 12 months.

Yes, cleaning the sofa is definitely worth it rather than buying a new one when it isn’t even worn off.

Sofa cleaning services roughly cost AED 25 per seat of the sofa.

One should change their sofa when they see notable wearing-off signs. Usually, a good quality sofa can be used for more than 20 years.

If a sofa is properly clean, it would feel like new. And you can also check for stains that were previously there.

Where to contact us?

We can be contacted directly through our website where total data about our company as well our contact information is provided. We are located at Office No. 65, Block 1, M17, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. One can visit our center to learn about our techniques or if they have any queries. 

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