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Home cleaning facilities with Golden Touch

One should definitely opt for cleaning his house at least once every week to prevent any germ or dirt accumulation. Proper cleaning of property makes our living better and prevents a lot of diseases. Our company, i.e., Golden Touch is the most popular for home cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. We have been providing these facilities and exclusively serving the cleaning industry of Abu Dhabi since 1985. We have a team of highly trained professionals who work tirelessly to provide deep cleaning services all over the country.

Why is home cleaning service important?

We all want our houses to be presentable to everyone and also don’t want any trouble with disease infestation. Both of the situations can be dealt with if we keep our houses clean.
Our home cleaning services at Golden Touch are cheap and easily affordable. One should definitely opt for these services once every week. The pandemic situation all over the world
has opened the eyes of many who are now well aware of various diseases all of which can be easily prevented by having our houses regularly cleaned.

Our Services

Why Golden Touch?

We have been providing home cleaning services for the past 20 years and the hard work and dedication of our workers have added to the reputation of the company.

The workers are very punctual and honest with their work. They are first tested for diseases, then they are sent to their respective houses to do their jobs. They are sent with proper protection so that the chances of any disease spreading from both sides are low.

Our workers are trained to work in a way that suits every atmosphere. They treat your house as if it was their own and ensure the proper sanitizing is done after all of the cleanings are over. This is done to kill any remaining germs.

Also, there are no hidden charges, it is a one-time payment service. We must keep you out of trouble and provide the best quality work.


Home cleaning services roughly cost AED 30 – 40 an hour.
One should clean their houses once every week.
Yes, the home cleaning services are trained professionals who are experts in their field, so they are reliable.

You can feel the difference automatically when you walk into a cleaned house. It would feel smooth and polished.

There should be now cobwebs or any dirt accumulation around the corners if there were any before the cleaning.

The house cleaning services should offer deep cleaning of your house, proper polishing of floor and furniture, and proper sanitization.

How to contact us?

We can be contacted directly through our website where all of our information is already provided. And if anyone wants to visit us for any purpose, they can find us at our Abu Dhabi Office located at Office #65, Block 1, M17, Musaffah, AUH, United Arab Emirates.

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