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Carpet Cleaning Services with Golden Touch

We all clean our houses regularly. But most of us tend to forget about the carpets as they are below our feet. And ironically it is the part which requires the most cleaning work because it receives dust from our feet whenever we come back home from outside. Our company, i.e., Golden Touch provides Carpet Cleaning services that are renowned all over Abu Dhabi. Our services are cheap and our workers are all trained professionals who are very punctual at their work.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Why should we clean our Carpets?

Carpet cleaning not only removes dust but also removes any bacteria or allergens that have accumulated over time. If the germs and other bacteria or dust particles are allowed to stay then they might cause severe problems for our family. Several infections and allergies would take over our family constantly.

Also, if a carpet is not cleaned regularly, it will acquire a foul smell and make the whole room smelly causing several allergic irritations like cough, and nausea and also leaving a bad impression on guests. Golden Touch provides carpet and deep cleaning services and delivers them to your house once it is done.

Our Best Cleaning Services

Why Golden Touch?

As said earlier, our company has the best-trained men for doing the work. They are very punctual, honest and kind towards customers. We provide the cheapest Carpet cleaning services compared to our competitors. We take care of your things as if it is ours and make sure you don’t face any difficulty while dealing with them. And This is why they say us to be the best carpet cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.

The process of cleaning undergoes 5 steps to ensure proper work is done. The steps are: –

  • Deep cleaning with detergent – To remove all of the dust, germs, and mostly stains.
  • Sun-drying – We believe sunlight is the best source of energy to properly dry any material and also kill any microbes if still present.
  • Sanitizing – Proper sanitizing is done to ensure that 99.99% of germs are killed so our customers stay healthy and disease-free.
  • Scenting – To give the carpet a fragrance, a new texture, and ambiance. And also, to remove any foul smell that persists after deep cleaning.
  • Brushing and polishing – We do this to give your carpet a smooth and polished finish which makes it look brand new.

It roughly costs AED 15 per square meter. So, it totally depends on the length of the carpet.

The carpets must be cleaned once per year, but one should opt for cleaning every 6 months.

If the carpet is properly clean, you can feel it directly by touching it and analyzing the texture.

By the end of 5 years of using your carpet, you may see small tearing or worn-off cloth coming out from the margins. This is the time to get a new one.

No, it doesn’t cause any damage, it keeps your carpet clean and removes any dirt present on it, which is actually good for the carpet’s life.

How to contact us?

Our exact location is Office No. 65, Block 1, M17, Musaffah Sanaiya, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. If you are by any chance residing nearby, you can open google and type carpet cleaning near me. This would give you our exact location. You can either directly contact us through the information provided on our website or you can visit our office at the given location.

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