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Termite Control Services in Abu Dhabi

Termites are basically troublesome insects evolved from cockroaches. They live in the woods basically and can cause serious damage to your wooden furniture, carpet, cupboards, even in fabric and clothing too. Getting rid of it can be trouble sometimes. Getting expert advice can make it easier. Golden Touch provides the best termite control service in Abu Dhabi

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Why book termite treatment?

Flying termites in the house or mud tubes on the wall indicates that your place requires immediate treatment from termites. Be it your residential place, commercial office, meeting room, even outdoor places like garden, backyard, or parking space these insects need to be removed from everywhere. The mud tubes also can ruin the interiors.

In fact, their presence can make your place unhealthy for living. The dust from their nest can mix in the air and cause allergies and asthma. Our specialized service provides complete care of your place from termites. Since 2008 we are providing the best service to all our customers and have become the best termite control company in Abu Dhabi.

Termite Control Services in Abu Dhabi

Termites, destructive timber pests, are commonly found in Abu Dhabi. Our expertise service may save your domestic or commercial buildings from major damage. We provide both pre-construction and post-construction services in termite control in Abu Dhabi and its surroundings. Our anti-termite service helps to protect the damages caused by these insects for an existing home. Our advanced termite detection technology reduces the need for drilling at your place. Also, we only use the treatment chemicals which are safe for the environment.

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Why Choose Golden Touch for Termite Control Service in Abu Dhabi?

Golden Touch has been the leading company for this kind of service since 2008. With more than 13 years of experience, we are serving our customers with quality products and excellent service. Here are all the more reasons to choose us.

  • With many years of experience, our professional service providers carry all the necessary and latest tools and materials
  • 100% guaranteed results.
  • We find out the roots of the problem and destroy it skillfully.
  • Best service experience to all our customers.
  • Most cost-effective solutions for termite pest control service in Abu Dhabi.
  • We use only the government. approved chemical products.
  • We maintain international industry standards service.
  • Variety of alternative solutions.


The cost of the service always depends on the size of the area and the type of treatment. For more details contact our expert service providers. They will guide you accordingly.

While an expert service can make your house free from termites it will not last forever. Regular maintenance is suggested to get rid of it permanently

Our professionals will first find the root of the problem. First, they will find the nest, and then remove the queen and then remove the threat completely.

We only use the products that are permitted by the government. Here in Golden Touch all the products are pre-tested and proven to be harmless.

Mud tubes or damaged wooden furniture can be proof of termite damage. Sometimes stuck wooden doors and windows also can be a sign.

When to Book Us?

Flying termites in the house! Are they damaging your walls or furniture! It’s a sign that your house needs treatment from termites. Once they grow in your wall it is quite difficult to get rid of them. Getting a creative termite control service helps you to get rid of these insects. So! What are you waiting for; why not booking an appointment today and let us help you in retaining a healthy atmosphere?

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