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 Be it home or any other space, cockroaches are a big nuisance. From health, and belongings to property, they overall can cause a lot of damage. The worst part is whether it is day or night, they are not easy to detect. It is a big difficulty to get rid of them because they slide and fly so swiftly.

So the only way is to keep your premises clean and tidy. And nothing can be better than a cockroach pest control service in Al-Ain. We at Golden Touch Pest Control L.L.C. has been offering services to clients for many years and still take pride in doing so. 

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What Makes Cockroaches Live in your House?

Just looking for the best cockroach exterminator isn’t enough, if you’re unaware of how they come in the first place. Wondering what attracts them? Here are the reasons why cockroaches live inside your home:

  1. WaterCockroaches need water to survive, much as all other species. They will enter even the cleanest homes in search of water. The most frequent attractant is extra moisture from leaky pipes and faucets on walls and ceilings. Additionally, exposed showers and pet water dishes can attract them.
  2. Food SourceAs omnivores, cockroaches consume anything they come upon, preferring meats, fatty foods, sweets, and carbohydrates in particular. Garbage is one of their favourite foods, so make sure to routinely empty your trash and keep the garbage cans tightly covered. Crumbs on the table and floor, unwashed dishes in the sink, and spilt pet food are some more accessible food sources that attract them.
  3. ShelterRoaches will enter homes to find shelter as the outside temperature drops. This is because they enjoy isolated, gloomy, soggy, and abandoned locations. Therefore, they may settle in hollowed-out wood, behind picture frames, under heavy appliances, under sinks, behind toilets, behind gadgets, and in the corners of your basement or attic.

Why Opt for Cockroach Pest Control Service?

Wondering why you should opt for cockroach pest control service in Al-Ain? Cockroaches are the most common pests and eliminating them can be really difficult. This is where the professionals come in. We at Golden Touch offer you the best and a wide range of services including :
  1. Cockroach Inspection
  2. Cockroach Treatment
  3. Cockroach Prevention
  4. Cockroach Examination
  5. Cockroach Control

Services you can get from Golden Touch

Golden Touch is the best company for pest control services in Abu Dhabiso the first thing you can expect from us is quality service. With the experience of more than 13 years, we can assure you that your house will be free from the infestation of unwanted guests. Our complete care with an expert staff and appropriate tools will remove the cockroaches even from their hiding spots, and last but not least all the products we use during the procedure are safe and eco-friendly.

Why Choose a Professional Cockroach Pest Control Service by Golden Touch?

With so many available cockroach pest control services in Al-Ain, wondering why choose us. At Golden Touch Pest Control Service, here are the reasons that really make us stand out from others :
  • As the beet cockroach pest control service in Al-Ain, we are devoted to providing safe and hygienic pest control treatments. Simply put, you can count on excellent, guaranteed services.
  • Our cutting-edge, eco-friendly spray and gel techniques are some of our best cockroach pest control strategies in Al Ain.
  • We only employ tried-and-true methods for cockroach control. Therefore, we promise to completely eradicate cockroaches from your home, place of business, or apartment, and we’ll do it at the most affordable prices.
  • We provide speedy services and answer your inquiries right away. In addition, we provide free consultation for any concerns you may be having with pests.
  • You can entirely count on us for our cockroach removal services and prompt assistance around-the-clock.
Why choose Golden Touch?

You may find a lot of service providers to clean your house but very few will be the best fit for you. Since 1985 we are providing cockroach pest control services in Abu Dhabi and its Surroundings and have more than thousands of happy customers. Now for detailed information follow the list mentioned below and find out why people trust us with their precious houses.

  1. Well-trained and experienced staff to take care of all the infestation problems
  2. Technicians are equipped with all the necessary instruments. 
  3. Products in use are organic and non-harmful for both humans and pets. 
  4. Customized and in-time service services.
  5. Guaranteed results.


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