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Disinfection Service in Abu Dhabi

Worried about disinfection issues? Golden touch is here now to take care of all your disinfection needs in Abu Dhabi. If you can’t stand any germs or harmful bacteria around you, then calling Golden touch will solve your problem as we are the best disinfection company in Abu Dhabi.

With our excellent disinfection and cleaning techniques, we aim at making every environment germ-free. Besides, we offer a disinfection service in Abu Dhabi both for residential as well as business units. Therefore, we offer complete disinfection facilities to keep you healthy and safe.

Disinfection Service in Abu Dhabi

What can you expect from us?

We strive to use high-quality products and make use of unique techniques by keeping ourselves updated with next-level technologies.

  • Professional cleaners- We at Golden Touch have highly qualified, skilled, and experienced team members.
  • Flexible cleaning- We offer a truly flexible cleaning and disinfection service and treat every client as an individual as we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients through our reliable service.
  • Guarantee of work– We ensure a complete guarantee of our work to all our clients at the end of our disinfection service program. Our only aim is to provide services which provide complete satisfaction to our customers.
  • Affordable- We have less expensive rates in Abu Dhabi. So you can expect services to be done at affordable rates along with no hidden charges.

What do we serve?

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer precautionary service for homes, offices, warehouses as well as indoor and outdoor services in Abu Dhabi. Besides, you can also contact us for monthly contracts at reasonable prices. Also, we offer same-day service. So let us make your home, office and other premises comfortable again. At Golden Touch we offer the following services :

Why Choose Golden Touch as a Disinfection Service Provider in Abu Dhabi?

As there are many disinfection services in Abu Dhabi, you must be wondering what makes us different from others. Here at Golden Touch, our services are superior to all. We maintain an international quality standard.

Besides, our experts use highly effective and safe chemicals that won’t affect the people and pets around. Also, our team members are quick and efficient, hence you don’t have to wait for too long. Golden Touch is one of the leading commercial and residential cleaning company. Besides, we offer top-class disinfection services in Abu Dhabi. Also, our services are less expensive and more affordable.


All the products we use for disinfection service at Golden Touch are highly efficacious and proven to kill all forms of bacteria and harmful germs.

We come with extensive safety procedures along with a highly experienced team of experts. Our products are safe to be applied and technicians wear the most suitable personal protective equipment.

In general, the time for disinfection service may depend on the size and type of treatment area. However, the technicians will discuss the process and the right service before the process.

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