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Complete window cleaning service with Golden Touch

A clean window reflects the cleanliness inside a home or office. So if you want spotless clean window glass, then hire window cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. Golden Touch is Abu Dhabi-based company and is always available to serve you. We come with the best equipment and materials to bring the windows in plenty of clean condition.  Whether you want your home windows to be cleaned or want a clear view out of your office space, by hiring us you won’t only save your time but also get the job done safely along with satisfaction. The Golden Touch cleaning team can take care of all your requirements.

Looking for best glass cleaner ?

Looking for the best glass cleaner in Abu Dhabi? Our team of professionals and experts are here to help you with a various impressive range of cleaning services. With many years of experience in this field, our trained experts and qualified cleaners can fulfill both residential as well as commercial needs.

Since years of service, we have successfully earned a name for quality, service, and customer satisfaction. Also, all our equipment is standardized, environmentally sustainable and methods are updated with the latest techniques. By hiring us you can expect full satisfaction because we don’t just wipe your windows.

Our Services

Why choose Golden Touch?

Trusted by thousands of clients, we have made our name the best window cleaning company in Abu Dhabi through our wide range of cleaning services and maintenance. With a high degree of professionalism, we adhere to the highest standards of service practices and safety regulations. 

What makes us different from others is that we don’t hesitate in boasting about our extensive experience in providing regular service. The key to our success is our professional approach to customers’ requirements. Besides, our services offered are professional and flexible at competitive rates.


Yes, we include all necessary equipment and supplies for window cleaning services.

As professionals, we clean both according to your needs and preferences. At Golden Touch, our experts are fully trained and aware of the safety measures, so nothing would be harmed during the process.

All our cleaning products are safe and eco-friendly. We don’t use any products that can affect your surroundings or other items.

Golden Touch is fully insured and bonded. We always guarantee our work and wear personal protective equipment.

What can you expect from us?

From villas, houses, residential apartments, offices, fitness centers, kitchens, restrooms, and other spaces, we offer our window cleaning services both for residential as well as commercial. To bring a smile to your face is our dream and we do our best to achieve this dream. We at Golden Touch are filled with the most experienced staff so you can expect no mistakes throughout the cleaning process. Besides, we love and treat every location, so you can set your own plans and schedule. Your satisfaction is our first priority, so you can expect:

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