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Flying Insects

DO YOU KNOW? Insects are the largest group of animals on earth by far. About 9,26,400 different species have been described, THAT’S 90% OF THE ANIMAL SPECIES ON EARTH and the crazy thing is that new species of insects are still continually being found to date. They have 6-8 legs, and most have wings! (fun fact: all bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs)

Some insects are harmless but the remaining ones –  cannot be considered for the same. They are harmful in different ways and are known as Pests. Don’t know what pests are?  Well, these can be defined as any organism that spreads diseases or causes destruction in the environment alongside affecting humans. Cockroaches, rodents, birds (to some extent), flies, and mosquitoes are termed pests. These pests carry a lot of life-threatening diseases with them, these diseases can lead to the death of a person 

  • Flies: Children and the elderly are at great risk because flies can transmit a wide range of diseases including food poisoning, dysentery, parasitic worms, and cholera. Over the centuries these pests have caused devastation.  The black plagues and typhus are a couple of flea-borne diseases that have been killing hundreds. Bacteria from where the flies conventionally feed probably get stuck on their mouth components and footpads, ineluctably spreading into places they land on. Imagine if it’s exposed to the food that your child is about to consume. Well, to stop their spread nothing can be better than counting on flying insect control services in Abu Dhabi.                                                                                                                                            
  • Mosquitoes: Despite their size, they carry life-threatening diseases, these tiny pests are arguably the most dangerous animals on the planet and are responsible for much misery and millions of deaths each year through dengue, malaria, brain fever, and filariasis. With their bites, these creatures are not only irritating, but their feeding on our blood can also be transmitting diseases directly back into our systems. Nowhere in India is safe from mosquitoes; they are found everywhere, even in hilly regions of the north. Mosquitoes can breed inside something as simple as a discarded damp potato chip bag. Warm/hot weather and any puddle of stagnant water are their breeding ground.  The worst part is they do not go away until one seeks help from the pest control services near me.

  • Wasps: Wasps are like the two sides of a coin. Yes, wasps are one of the M.V.P of insect worlds as they have huge contributions to pollination and the food chain. Wasps are also beneficial sometimes as they prey on other pest insects but what makes them pests is that they are natural predators. The burning, intense pain of a sting from a wasp is like white-hot knives piercing every inch of the region, it is unbearably painful. The wasp may build their nest/colonies next to your home or building and it will be an uneasy coexistence with these pests.

    First, their constant buzzing sounds are a nuisance, and secondly while searching for sugary food they are more likely to come into contact with you and possibly sting you if it feels threatened. The scary part is they are obsessed with their queen and they will pretty much do anything to protect their colony queen. Just imagine, an entire group of wasps coming after you to sting. The toxins present in their sting are not harmful but if full group stings then it will lead to paralysis, kidney failure, and ultimately death. Wasps can be dangerous and trying to get rid of them is not an easy task until you contact any professional pest control in Abu Dhabi.

  • Birds: Birds are pretty harmless but some birds take shelter in undiscovered regions of your house, basically pipes or holes in walls. Building nests can clog pipes and at one point in time, there will be a chance of a burgeon of bacteria and viruses. Birds can cause electrical outages either. Moreover, the nest and eggs of birds will attract other secondary pests like mites, gnats, rodents, mealybugs, slugs, poisonous parasitic worms, and snakes.

The Best Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi to count on

Pests can become a headache when present in your place. Many home and office owners ignore pest control and thus face a lot of issues. Pests not only damage property but also spread some serious health issues to both humans and pets. Therefore, to keep your property healthy and hygienic pest control services in Abu Dhabi are needed. Experts at pest control agencies know how to free your environment from these pests perfectly and on a long-term basis

How to get rid of pests with professionals?

Getting rid of pests is next to impossible when you try doing it by yourself. And this is where professionals of pest control services in Abu Dhabi come to take away all your tensions and burdens. Since 1985, “Golden Touch” has been offering eco-friendly pest control services. Based in Abu Dhabi we have gained a reputation and earned a name in the industry for the services we provide.

Our team of experts is trained and qualified in pest solutions services. They identify deep root causes, check every corner of your home, and provide service exactly as needed. All our products are clinically proven, eco-friendly, and cause no harm. Besides, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, our expert team wears all PPE to avoid any kind of health problems and maintain safety measures.

Services you can get from Golden Touch

Why choose Golden Touch?

Customers have been choosing us for years and putting their trust in us “Golden Touch”. Our commitment to the service we provide reflects in our job and our only aim is to satisfy customers. You can expect reasonable deals and guaranteed pest control services.

We are available round the clock and always ready to cater to every need of yours with utmost quality. Also, we have been the first choice for pest control services because of our reputation for delivering efficient and smooth quality service at affordable prices. So get your home sparkling with us at Golden Touch.

How to contact us?

Looking for a pest-free environment? Contact Golden Touch and let us serve you to the fullest. All you need to do is reach out to us through our contact number and make a booking for the treatment of flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. Our expert callers will make sure to guide consumers and provide them with the best pest control services available at the best deals. For more queries and estimates contact us through :

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