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What are Rats?

Rats, rodent mammals have thin tails which belong to the Rodentia order. Regular rats fall under the Rattus genus. Other genera of rats are Neotoma and Dipodomys. Though both the mice and rats are rodents, the primary disparity between them is size. Rats are heavier and larger than mice. Rats serve an important role in the ecosystem but sometimes they even transmit diseases. Their droppings, urine, or bite can make humans sick. Hiring a pest control service can remove them from your house.

Rats Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi

What treatment and precautions can be taken?

It can be very distressing for someone if they spot a rat in their house. Pneumonic plague, murine typhus, bubonic, hantavirus, and many other diseases can be spread through them. Rat bites, especially wild rat bites should be treated with utmost care and should be treated by doctors. Even many death cases, caused by rat bites have been reported. Sometimes they can harm your property too. The best way to avoid these unwanted events is to keep these rodents away from your house.

  • To keep rats away, first, remove their food, and cover your trash with heavy metallic or plastic containers.
  • Fix all the leakage of plumbing and cut off their source of water.
  • Keep your grains and foods in a container with rat resistance.
  • Find shelters for a rat inside and around your house and remove them carefully.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed tightly.

To treat the infestation of rats it is important to follow a few steps. Such as maintaining hygiene and keeping the garden clean. If multiple rats are there in your house you can set a trap and use the bait of poison. A few natural deterrent methods can also be used like spreading peppermint oil, black pepper, or crushed pepper. If you have been bitten by any of these rodents it is wise to consult a doctor. For skilled cleaning and wide solution hiring Rats’ pest control Service is suggested.

What services can you expect from us?

Since 1985 Golden Touch has been providing the best quality service for cleaning, disinfection, and nuisance control services. We offer infestation reduction services with modern strategies and maintain the benchmark of service quality. Our mission is to make the surroundings clean and hygienic. We understand the necessity of sterility for both private and personal property. For more than three decades we are delivering the services of cleaning and pest control, thus, the experience and techniques are stunning. 

Services you can get from Golden Touch

Golden Touch is the best company for pest control services in Abu Dhabi, so the first thing you can expect from us is quality service. With the experience of more than 13 years, we can assure you that your house will be free from the infestation of unwanted guests. Our complete care with an expert staff and appropriate tools will remove the cockroaches even from their hiding spots, and last but not least all the products we use during the procedure are safe and eco-friendly.

Why choose Golden Touch?

There are a thousand reasons why you should choose your home, but among them, our innovation and availability of alternative solutions is the thing that has brought us the title of best Rats’ pest control Service in Abu Dhabi.  We have multiple solutions for your problem and all of these solutions are affordable. One can easily get even customized services according to the requirement or depth of the infestation.

Our specialist team of property management team has appropriate tools to remove all infestations. So, they will declutter your house without harming your property. To maintain your house clean and make it a healthier place to live, contact our experts today. 

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