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Flies pest control

The constant buzzing sound the flies make; isn’t it annoying? Well, flies are not only annoying, but they are also equally harmful if not more. They are one of the factors for the mass spread of many diseases like Cholera. Flies sit on rotting foods, rotting corpses, dung heap, etc, and then fly and sit on your food, thus spreading diseases. Do you know there are 24 types of flies commonly available in the world including House Fly, Fruit Fly, Horse Fly, Blue Bottle Fly, Sand Fly, Cluster Fly, etc? They spread diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, etc. There’s another type of Fly mostly seen in Africa named Glossina Morsitans or commonly known as Tsetse Fly which causes Sleeping Sickness. Black flies cause River Blindness.

flies Pest control Service in Abu Dhabi

Precautions against Flies?

There are several things you could try as DIY methods;

  • Keep Your Trash Sealed: Flies are very much attracted to rotten things. So it will be great to keep your trash sealed and clear them as frequently as possible to keep flies out.
  • Clean Pet Waste: If you have pets, it will be ideal to clear their excrement quickly as those may attract flies and it won’t take much for them to invade your home.
  • Use Screens: Add screens to all the doors and windows. Use fine mesh screens if needed.
  • Fly Paper: By using flypaper ribbons you can catch flies out of the air.

However, the best way to control flies would be to consult professionals.

What Services We Provide against Flies

We at Golden Touch Cleaning Services assure you of our utmost ability to solve your Fly problems. With our trained and experienced technicians, we provide the best in the market pest control solutions. At all times we use non-toxic substances for pest control and always make sure that humans get as little exposure as possible. And what’s the plus point? Once the analysis is completed of the situation and preliminary elimination procedures are completed, we start placing preventive solutions around the premises. Because we believe in permanent fixes and long-term prevention techniques. Our in-house experts provide tailor-made solutions customized just to suit your needs.

Why choose Golden Touch?

Well, it might come to your mind why your choice should be Golden Touch Maintenance Services, there are many Fly Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi. Here’s why;

  • Availability of Local Teams to cater to your needs immediately
  • Certified Experts with Technical Knowledge
  • Tailor-Made Solutions based on your need
  • Non Toxic Solutions
  • Care to details
  • Best in market price
  • Monthly, Bi-Annual and Annual Packages at an affordable rate
We are Best Pest Control Company

How We Can Be Contacted?

In case you need our expertise as best pest control services in Abu Dhabi, here’s how you can reach us;

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