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Wasps pest control

Wasps Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi

Have you ever got stung by a Wasp? Well, it’s really painful, to begin with, and the swelling gets worse before it heals. As it is a wasp’s nest can cause damage to the structure of the house if they manage to build it inside the house. Usually, the warm and dry places of the house are the parts most frequently used by Wasps for their nests. The roof or attic of the house is where these nests are seen the most. So the wasps won’t bother you if you don’t bother them. But they slowly eat away the wood which can cause structural damage to the house. Or if you get too close, a wasp’s sting can hurt you badly.

Precautions against Wasps?​

There are many natural ways to get rid of the wasps from your house. Here are a few;

  • Pest Repellent Plants: You can keep plants like Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Basil, etc in your house. The pungent smell of these plants works as a natural repellent for the wasps.
  • Vinegar: Another house item is Apple Cider Vinegar which can be used to get rid of the wasps. Add two cups of apple cider vinegar, two cups of water, and one cup of sugar in a mixture and spray it on the wasp nest.
  • Soap and Water: Same as vinegar, soap, and water can work on wasps too. Use the mixture in a sprayer bottle to spray over the nest. It will clog the breathing process of the wasps and kill them instantly.
  • Lemon Juice: Add three tablespoons of lemon juice to a bowl of water and mix it well. Then spray it on the nest to vanquish the wasps.
  • Vacuum  Cleaner: Another proven theory is vacuum cleaners. But first, you need protective clothes. Equipped with that you need to use the long nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to suck in the entire nest and then dispose of it somewhere far away.

What Services We Provide against Wasps

We at Golden Touch Maintenance Services assure you of our utmost ability to solve your Wasp problems. With the help of our trained and experienced experts, we provide the best in the market pest control solutions. At all times we use non-toxic substances for pest control and always make sure that humans get as little exposure as possible. Once we complete our analysis of the problem, we start the elimination process and once that part is completed, we start putting preventive measures in place. We believe in permanent fixes and long-term prevention techniques. Our in-house experts provide tailor-made solutions customized just to suit your needs

Why choose Golden Touch?

Golden Touch Maintenance Services is one of the best Wasps Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi. Here’s why;

  • We keep ready to dispatch Local Teams to cater to your needs immediately
  • Globally Certified Professionals with Deep Knowledge
  • We provide customized solutions based on your need
  • Non Toxic chemicals
  • Care to the smallest detail
  • Best in market price
  • Monthly, Bi-Annual and Annual Packages at an affordable rate based on the requirements
We are Best Pest Control Company

How We Can Be Contacted?

In case you need our expertise as the best pest control services in Abu Dhabi, here’s how we can be reached

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