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What is a Bed bug?

Bed Bugs are nuisance pests that cause harm to your property, especially wooden property. These small, brownish parasites feed on the blood of humans of animals. These pests are seen at the night mainly. Though Bed bugs cannot kill anyone they can cause health issues like rashes on the skin, psychological effects, allergic reactions, and many more. They live near the bed, around piping, and mattress box, even in the cracks of the bed frame. If your room is highly infested with these pests you will find stains of blood on pillowcases and sheets, rusty spots on mattresses and walls. For severe cases, they can even be found in seams of couches. Offensive and nasty odors also indicate the infestation of bed bugs. These oval-shaped pests belong to the genus Cimex family.

Bed bugs Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi

Treatment & Precaution

To maintain a healthy atmosphere, these blood-sucking pests must stay away from your house or apartment. Most of the time they enter the house when they are undetected. As they can move easily from an infested site to a new place the first thing you need to do to keep them away is maintaining hygiene. Check twice before purchasing second-hand furniture and protect mattresses with a cover. Declutter the area within your house and surroundings so that they cannot find a place to live. And do not forget to vacuum your place regularly.

If you think any of your stuff is already infested with bed bugs you can use a portable heating chamber to treat that item. If you do not have a heating chamber a dryer with high heat will do the same. You can also clean the bedsheets, curtains, and clothes with hot water and then dry them at a high temperature. For complete care, you can contact bed bugs pest control Service

How can we help?

It is suggested to get professional help from pest control Services to remove the infestation completely from your place. The experts from our company will contact you for detailed information about your problem or pay you a survey visit if necessary. 

 We have alternative solutions for your problems, such as traps, different fumigators, and many more. All our staffs are well trained and have much of experience to find the hiding spot, so they can easily remove these pests along with the eggs, altogether which means a complete solution to your problem and this is what has made us best company for bed bugs pest control Service in Abu Dhabi.

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Why Choose Golden Touch!

Since 1985 Golden Touch is serving people with quality products and international standard services. All the chemical products we use are organic, non-harmful, and certified by the government. And the services we offer are fully satisfactory. The service will not only remove the pests but also prevent their spread in the future. Our trained technicians are well aware of the usage of the instruments and they always carry the necessary ones with them. Not only this, if you want you can get monthly or quarterly General maintenance services from us that too within reasonable price.

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