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What are Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are termites having almost 4600 species, among them more than 30 species can be found near human habitats. It has been certified by WHO (World Health Organization) that these Blattodea order pests, i.e., cockroaches play an important role in spreading diseases like cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, and many other diseases of the intestine. The secretion from their mouth through the gland spreads an unpleasant odor. These nausea insects are not very good at flying and startle or glide anonymously in one direction.

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Treatment & Precaution

Touching these pests can cause severe damage to your health. One can get affected by harmful bacteria and serious diseases and all thanks to their virtue of transmitting diseases, especially to humans. It has also been observed that cockroaches eat plants and meat along with the human flesh of both living and dead. To prevent the infestation of these crawling pests few measurements can be taken. Such a

  1. Eliminating their resources of food by removing the dirty water laid in a bucket and sinks.
  2. Keep bottles, plastic containers, cans, and bins clear.
  3. Vacuum your house regularly. 
  4. Declutter is the area around your home.
  5. Maintain clean pipes, drains, shelves so that they cannot find a place to live.
  6. Seal the entrances by sealing the cracks and sealing the electric sockets.

If you have been bitten by cockroaches, clean the affected area with warm water and soap for the primary treatment to eliminate the germs. You can also use lemon juice, tea bags, or aloe vera gel for instant relaxation however for itchiness and swelling it is suggested to consult a doctor.

In case, if these pets have already taken a place in your house, you can use a few DIY processes, like Borax & white table sugar to get rid of them but, it is always better to be safe than sorry, therefore to get completely rid of them it is suggested to hire experts for cockroach pest control Service. Here at Golden Touch, we provide complete care of your house from the infestation with utmost care.

Services you can get from Golden Touch

Golden Touch is the best company for pest control services in Abu Dhabiso the first thing you can expect from us is quality service. With the experience of more than 13 years, we can assure you that your house will be free from the infestation of unwanted guests. Our complete care with an expert staff and appropriate tools will remove the cockroaches even from their hiding spots, and last but not least all the products we use during the procedure are safe and eco-friendly.

Why choose Golden Touch?

You may find a lot of service providers to clean your house but very few will be the best fit for you. Since 1985 we are providing cockroach pest control services in Abu Dhabi and its Surroundings and have more than thousands of happy customers. Now for detailed information follow the list mentioned below and find out why people trust us with their precious houses.

  1. Well-trained and experienced staff to take care of all the infestation problems
  2. Technicians are equipped with all the necessary instruments. 
  3. Products in use are organic and non-harmful for both humans and pets. 
  4. Customized and in-time service services.
  5. Guaranteed results.


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