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Mosquitoes pest control Service in Abu Dhabi

Wherever you go in this world, Mosquitoes are one of the constant companions you’d find annoying as they are. Mosquitoes Pest has a really short lifespan but they can cause a multitude of problems while alive. Especially the female Mosquitoes. Male Mosquitoes live on tree sap but the females live on blood from animals and humans alike. And while sucking the blood they transmit severe diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Encephalitis, Black Fever, etc. There are mainly three types of mosquitoes commonly available i.e. Anopheles, Culex, and Aedes. Aedes Aegypti spreads dengue with its bites whereas Anopheles spreads Malaria. It is really important to stay safe from mosquito bites. Let’s see how this can be done.

Mosquito Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi

Precautions against Birds?

There are several things you could try as DIY methods;

  • Say NO to Dirty Water: Anopheles mosquitoes thrive in dirty water. They lay eggs in any place with a pool of dirty water. To make sure this does not happen, you need to keep your house and surroundings clear of any such places.
  • Use Mosquito Nets: Mosquito nets are one of the safest ways to deal with them. It’s easily available in the market and keeps you safe from mosquitoes during the night.
  • Use Screens: Add screens to all the doors and windows. Use fine mesh screens if needed.
  • Mosquito Bats:Mosquito Bats are easily available too in the market. These are rechargeable and kill mosquitoes with an electric charge.
  • Don’t store Clean Water either: Anopheles thrives in dirty water but Aedes Aegypti prefers pools of clean water to do their business. So as a precaution, you should ensure that there should not be any uncovered places with clean water.With these DIY methods, you could keep the Mosquitoes at bay but if you want to get rid of the problem altogether, it’s always better to let the experts handle the business.

What Services We Provide against Mosquitoes

With some of the best experts in pest control services working for us, we at Golden Touch Maintenance Services provide guaranteed solutions when it comes to Mosquito Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi. We use precision techniques to prevent mosquito infestation in and around your home. Our experts survey the area thoroughly to find out the issues and then use non-toxic chemicals to prevent them from happening. We take very good care in our work to avoid exposure to humans and pets.

Why choose Golden Touch?

And if the question ever comes to your mind about hiring us, here are a few pointers you can always consider;

  • Our Local Teams are available 7 days a week for faster response.
  • We employ Certified Experts with Technical Knowledge of chemicals and machines.
  • Tailor-Made Solutions based on your need
  • Non Toxic Solutions
  • Care to details
  • We provide services for the best in market price
  • Monthly, Bi-Annual and Annual Packages at an affordable rate as per your need.
We are Best Pest Control Company

How We Can Be Contacted?

In case you need our expertise as best pest control services in Abu Dhabi, here’s how you can reach us;

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