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Out of 4600 species 30 are involved with human environment. They are vectors of various bacterial, fungal & viral disease germs. They majorly involve in food manipulating and cause different diseases like allergies leading to sever illness like diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever and cholera etc.

Types & Habitat:

Four types of cockroaches most commonly found around the globe;

  • German Cockroach
  • American Cockroach
  • Brown Band Cockroach
  • Oriental Cockroach

They are more likely to live an environment where warmth, moisture and food are adequate like kitchen, basement, laundry, drains and bathrooms etc . Most common inside UAE is German cockroach. It is found in kitchen area and are smallest domestic roaches. 

Harborage Area: Kitchen has enough warmth, moisture, food and shelter for them to reproduce and grow fast, few important places;

  • All electric appliances (electric boards, toaster, kettle, oven, blender and especially refrigerator or fridge)
  • Sink area especially under the sink
  • Inside cupboards
  • Inside crakes & cervices of wooden entities
  • Door & window frames

Interesting Facts:

German cockroaches have very fast reproduction rate, female carries ootheca (egg case) till moments before hatching contains 30-40 eggs in a month. It becomes mature from six weeks to six months after 5-6 molting’s

American Cockroaches:

Its mostly found in severe system and likely live on warmth, moist and damp places. They can be grouped with omnivores due to having behavior to eat anything especially, organic material near to decay. As food preference is sweet but has also been eating paper, soap, fruit, book bindings, cardboard sheets, cloth, and dead insects.

Identification: length is 35 to 40 mm with reddish brown color

Harborage Area: manholes, drains, sever lines, garbage bins


Interesting Facts:

  • largest one who found in houses.
  • alcoholic beverages are big attraction, especially beer.
  • Adults may fly due to having wings
  • Female carries ootheca for some time & stick to a place contains 16 eggs.
  • It becomes mature 365 days & can stay one more year with 14-16 molting

Life cycle:

They have incomplete metamorphosis; three stages i-e; egg-nymph-adult. Eggs always in a case known ootheca attached behind body and detach to a secure place after some time or just before hatching. 

Sign of Infestation:

  • A dust of droppings having black color is there at infested place.
  • Due to more movements, they produce smear marks with brown to black color on walls.
  • They lay eggs in an egg case called ootheca that is unique for each one.
  • They go through shedding or molting process to become mature and their skin shads should be there near hidden places.
  • Unusual damages to organic base materials
  • An unpleasant smell that can be more with more infestation.

Control Measures: Different IPM ways can be used to control their infestation;

Environmental control:

Most important way to adopt preventive measures like proper cleaning, removal of water & food debris, excessive things should remove to avoid hidden places.

Physical Control:

Physically cover the sewerage holes, cracks, cervices.

Chemical Control:
  • Spray a chemical can be used to control high infested places.
  • Gel baits may also apply for longer control.

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