Interesting Facts about Flies

About 110000 fly species are there around the globe. Their population depends upon available harborage area, temperature, humidity etc. flies are more active during day time & rest at night on ceiling fan, wires, walls, windows etc. favorable environment for flies are temperature range 25-35 oC with low humidity in air. They can’t survive above 45 oC or below 10 oC.

Interesting facts:

  • Their infestation is more in days due to having fast reproductive cycle, may be completed in a week. House fly may lay 500 eggs every four days repeat in life span of mostly 20-25 days but sometimes two months.
  • They don’t have chewing mouth parts due to that their saliva has some enzymes may convert solid food into sponge like liquid which absorbed by them.
  • Their taste sensors are below feet of them.
  • Important part of environment by enhancing decomposing process and adding nutrients to soil for crops and plants.
  • They may helpful in forensic investigation at crime scene.
  • Some species may have important role in pollination cycle.
Types of Flies

Some common flies are:

  • House Fly
  • Fruit Fly
  • Sand Fly
  • Horse Fly
  • Drain Fly
  • Stable Fly
  • Flash Fly
  • Black Fly

Harborage Area:

Harborage Area: Flies commonly lay eggs at following places;
  • Animal Manure
  • Sewage
  • Garbage Drums
  • Dust Bins

Public health impact:

  • Flies can transmit various food borne diseases.
  • They can manipulate food.
  • They can cause nuisance.

Control measures: Various IPM techniques may use to control flies,

  • Environmental Control: It’s a very important curative or preventive technique to remove all manure, garbage and rotten decaying material.
  • Physical control: Different traps can be used like glue sheet, glue trap, ribbon trap, electric traps etc.
  • Chemical control: Different chemical options can be used

Life Cycle:

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