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Cleaning Service in Abu Dhabi

People who spend most of their working hours at the office must hire a professional service to clean their house. Most of the time when people clean their household, they clean at a certain level to maintain a standard level of cleanliness in the place or around it. But a deep cleaning once in a while is a must to keep the dust and germs away especially in the age of Covid. To get your home, office, or surroundings clean get yourself an expert service from Golden Touch. We provide the best Cleaning Service in Abu Dhabi and its surroundings.

Cleaning Services

Advantages of Availing Cleaning Services.

Clean air makes it easier to breathe. If your office is clean and fresh your employees feel happier and productivity increases. A clean house will create an environment for people to grow more. Also, a clean environment reduces the spread of disease. On the other hand, a clean gym helps gain customers’ attention.

Different Types of Cleaning Services

  • Residential Cleaning: It is a process of house cleaning. also known as domestic or household cleaning, the common services for this kind of service are room cleaning, washroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, etc. However, you can always customize according to your requirements.
  • Office Cleaning: Also known as commercial cleaning. One can avail of this type of service to clean schools, community buildings, or office spaces. Wiping, Windows cleaning, dusting, vent & ducts cleaning, carpet care, etc. services are included in this type of service.
  • Gym Cleaning: Customers tend to feel more comfortable in a neat and clean gym. Cleaning mirror & glasses, Toilet cleaning, carpet cleaning, mat cleaning come under this type of cleaning service.
  • Disinfection & Sanitization: It is important to stay away from harmful viruses and bacteria. Especially in the age of covid. Disinfecting a place refers to destroying viruses, bacteria, and fungi whereas sanitization removes microbes & reduces bacteria.

Apart from this, there are many different types of cleaning that can be availed. To get customized services contact get in touch with the best Cleaning Company in Abu Dhabi i.e., Golden Touch.

Our Top Cleaning Services

Sofa Cleaning

Golden touch is one of the leading and trusted company that offer best Sofa Cleaning Services in all over Abu Dhabi.

Deep Cleaning

Golden touch is one of the leading and trusted company that offer best Deep Cleaning Services in all over Abu Dhabi.

Carpet Cleaning

Golden touch is one of the leading and trusted company that offer best Carpet Cleaning Services in all over Abu Dhabi.

Window Cleaning

Golden touch is one of the leading and trusted company that offer best Window Cleaning Services in all over Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose Golden Touch as your Cleaning Partner in Abu Dhabi?

Since 2008 Golden Touch is providing Cleaning Service in Abu Dhabi. Our expert customer service gives you the most iconic experience in terms of cleaning. With more than 13 years of experience, all our staff is well trained & well equipped. They know how to make your house look fresh and a healthy place to live. We maintain an international standard service quality that too with the products which are not harmful to the environment. You can also choose your service product according to your requirement, our expert service advisor will guide you accordingly and help you get a customized product. So, if you are looking for a deep cleaning service that lasts for a long time book an appointment today.


Cleaning Companies in Abu Dhabi typically charge AED 30 – 40 an hour, however, the total amount depends on the size of the area needed to be cleaned.
Customized cleaning services are available here in Golden Touch. You can easily choose when and how often you want to avail yourself of services.
Everyone needs to stay in a healthier environment but few places like schools, childcare places, hospitals, offices, healthcare services are needed to be maintained regularly.
An expert cleaning service will always bring all the necessary cleaning supplies. You can also add some of the supplies in case of customized services.

In Golden Touch, we only use safe products, which are eco-friendly & not harmful for the children or any other person. These products are considered to be the best ones.

A Wider Range of services

In today’s age, it is very important to be flexible in terms of services. The process of cleaning a house is different than the process of office cleaning, so is school cleaning from gym cleaning. To be an expert in every aspect a service provider must be well trained and well equipped. We serve all the different services with proper knowledge, hard work, and dedication.

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